Private Incubator

for AI, Data Mining, Big Data and Machine Learning

Wellcome to the Vitche Research Team Official Page

We help anybody interested in non-trivial software and technology development.
All our work is mostly non-commercial and it is dedicated to accomplishing projects which suppose great improvisation while implementing them.
We are not looking for a project or a task from you and do not want to sell you anything. Still, if you have a software-related problem we 100% can solve it and suppose you to be gratefull afterwards.

Our team was founded in July 2001.
We have gone through a long way of various projects incorporating various technologies and programming languages:
C++, COM, Windows API, Windows Drivers Development, Winsock Network Programming, VOIP, Assembly, IDA, SoftICE, Algorithmical and CPU Optimization, C#, J#, MS SQL Server, XML, ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF, WWF, WCF, .NET Security, PHP, Joomla, AJAX, VRML, MathCAD, MATLAB.

Currently we work on up to 5 projects in the area of data analysis involving most sofisticated technologies in this area.

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